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Winter 2012 

Online Webinars and Blog Talk Radio.


CCCS Dallas is offering financial webinars free of charge. All you have to do is log in. The webinars have been created by our Education Department and hosted by Todd Mark, CCCS Vice President of Education.

From the website: CCCS is hosting free, live webinars in all areas of financial education! Just like attending one of our classes in person, but you can do it from the comfort of your desk at work, or in your pajamas at home! If you've never done a webinar, just click the link to register for as many classes as you would like. You'll be given a link to log into at the time of the webinar to see the video portion. You can also choose to receive the audio portion through your computer speakers, or by dialing into a telephone line (if choosing this option, beware it is a long-distance call, though most home plans provide unlimited long-distance). All classes will last 45-60 minutes. These webinars are made possible by the generous support of the Texas Credit Union Foundation, and Friends of Consumer Freedom. Visit our website .

Blogtalk Radio:  In addition to the webinars, we have a blogtalk radio show featuring Texas Credit Union League radio personalities Rick Grady and Linda Webb-Manon. They are joined by Courtney Nickles from the Texas Credit Union Foundation and, our own, Todd Mark, VP Education CCCS Dallas. This talented and well-informed group make the webinar informative and entertaining. They accept call-in or emailed questions and comments. The link and telephone number will be provided at the time of broadcast.

The weekly show "Your Money Your Matters," is guaranteed to be very personal, and a lot of fun! You can listen live or download for listening later on your iPod. A new topic is introduced each Tuesday. The format is informal and comfortable. The hosts will explore each topic in-depth. Join them on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM CST. Just a click away -

HOPE NOW celebrates 5-Million Loan Modifications

Former Dallas Mayor Steve Bartlett, of the Financial Services Roundtable, spoke to CCCS employees on November 16, 2011 to recognize the job they have done in being part of the Hope Housing Counseling Hotline. The Hotline just celebrated the completion of 5-million loan modifications. CCCS Dallas joined the HOPE program in February 2008. Dallas counselors assist up to 1900 clients each month with information and education in foreclosure prevention.  

If you, or someone close to you, are suffering through a financial crisis that involves the mortgage, you don’t have to be alone through the struggle. CCCS is here to help. Act early and stop the damage before it gets started.

It is important to supply financial education and preventative budgeting along with a recommended solution of the current mortgage crisis. Each case is unique and CCCS Dallas counselors are well versed in Making Home Affordable and individual in-house programs.

The counselors’ job is to educate the homeowner so you can make the best decision for your situation. By explaining programs and terminology, Hope clients are prepared when speaking with their lender. And, best of all, the counseling is free. CCCS housing counseling is funded through grants, foundations and partnerships.

Financial Tips

When ordering merchandise from a catalogue or online, check out the return policy before you order. Make sure you are not subscribing to a service with a monthly charge at the same time. 

Coupons are a great idea for savings; don’t buy articles you don’t need just because you have a coupon.

Keep receipts to review charges on statements at the end of the month.

Pay the minimum required on the credit card statement the day it arrives, pay more later if you can. To avoid a late fee, call and make a payment by telephone. The fee may be $15.00 (ask that the fee be waived as a courtesy); the late fee could be as much as $39.00.

 Set a goal not to charge more than you can pay off when the statement comes in.

If you are buying insurance on credit cards, review the rewards carefully to see if you really need it. You may have said yes in a weak moment.

When you think of a cash advance on the credit card, stop immediately and consider the cost of that money. There’s no grace period and the interest is very high. It's time to reconsider, is it worth the cost?

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Do You Have A Holiday Hangover?

The holiday season is such a wonderful time of the year. Music, lights, parties, family, and friends are just a part of the warmth and celebration of the human spirit. As the New Year gets started, many of us may end up with a Holiday Hangover. To avoid this dilemma next year you can begin your preparation now. While it will take discipline to achieve, here are a few easy steps to be successful.

  •  Develop a spending plan, including extra food costs, gifts, party costs, and travel expense. Make a list of everyone you will buy for and put a dollar amount by their name. Once you’ve determined a final amount, divide by eleven. This is the amount you’ll need to save in order to begin December with a bang. If the amount you have calculated is out of reach for your budget, go back and revisit all the expenses. Set priorities, eliminate unnecessary spending, and cut back in other areas. While we try to please those we love, can we spend less on grandma or Aunt Sue? Give with your heart and not your wallet.  Find your “comfort” zone. Once you’ve determined an amount that fits your budget START savings!
  •  Throughout the year it’s important to remember “why” you have that money set aside. Don’t get caught in a trap of tapping it for other reasons. However, if you find gifts on sale during the year take advantage of the price break. Be sure to update your list that the gift or expense has been handled. If not, you might forget and buy again later. Another thing to remember is the time frame that gifts can be returned. Make certain your early purchases are the right purchases.
  • Remain focused on your spending. If you have left off an important purchase you may need to remove another expense to compensate.

 Now you are ready to go.

Remember, if you need assistance in developing a spending plan and setting up a workable budget, please call your CCCS counselor.



 Submitted by Betty Stokes

Southeast District Manager


In This Issue:
  • Online Webinars and Blog Talk Radio.
  • HOPE NOW celebrates 5-Million Loan Modifications
  • Financial Tips
  • Do You Have A Holiday Hangover?
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